We do help and lead our iATKOS M, iATKOS Y and iATKOS EC users personally whom ask for help.

We do not pass any of our users' emails related to iATKOS M, Y and EC.


In other words, you get iATKOS EC / Y / M, you get the support.



>> if you need faster and priority support from us,

>> if you need your iATKOS EC / iATKOS Y / iATKOS M release to be ready in a few hours (maximum 12h),

then see the steps below to have the priority service:

- Donate at least twice the minimum amount for each iATKOS EC / iATKOS Y / iATKOS M dmg image.

Donation amount for priority service:

0,04 BTC for each iATKOS EC/Y/M dmg image


- If you have donated 0,08 BTC in total, then you are our life-time priority user.

Life-time priority users get priority service for their future release requests for standart service minimum donation amount. They get priority response for any of their questions and requests.


>> Individual support is only for iATKOS M, iATKOS Y and iATKOS EC. Our forum is online for our previous public releases.