About iATKOS



A little information about iATKOS releases and its history..


We have at least 1 stable popular release for each major version of OS X starting from OS X Leopard (10.5). Before 10.5, on Tiger (10.4) times, about 10 years ago :) there was no code name, I have released them by my nickname. I even did not think that people would be this much interested. So, the popular Tiger releases of mine were uphuck v1.3 and v1.4r3 (which was a mini-dvd size installer) young and proud :P



Main systems of our OSX86 installers (10.6+) include Apple's untouched main system which is just like retail/original installations. Some people throwing mud at iATKOS releases by comparing them with retail installations are just trolling. Most of them did not even try any of our releases and most of them do not know anything about them either. Our Mavericks and newer releases (10.8+) can be directly installed to Apple Mac computers, we all use them on our MacBook Pro's.



As most of you probably can guess and agree, we all move to the latest version or stick with the previous of the latest version of Apple's OS X. So the older releases are mostly nothing more than history. But still, from 10.5 to newest, we keep all alive. Some ancient machines might work only with an ancient version.


Besides they are history, they also are the steps of our project of creating more usable, wider range compatible, easily installable and more advanced OSX86 installers.


In 10 years, we have been able to improve it way more than a bit. You can read the informations and features of the releases by the Releases page on main menu.

Apple improved, OSX86 world improved and we tried to do our part as much as we could.