OSX86 Project and iATKOS




To get what is happening here and what all this stuff is, please continue reading..


Here are the definitions:


OSX86 is a collaborative project to run the Apple’s Mac OS X computer operating systems (10.4 and above) on non-Apple personal computers with x86/x86_64 architecture compatible processors (a.k.a. our PC’s).

These systems are called OSX86 systems.

Non-Apple computers running Mac OS X (lets say OSX86) are called Hackintosh computers.

>> Noob style definition: Install Mac on PC.


iATKOS is the code name of OSX86 installer releases of our team. These installers are used for installing OSX86 systems on Non-Apple personal computers, in other words they are used for installing Mac OS X to our PC's.

Simple and all-in-one OSX86 installation for basic and compatible hardware is the aim of iATKOS project.

It's not just an installation method, we have developed an auto-configuration software package that makes the process possible and without headaches for most of the computers which you might not achive by a retail installation easily.

Our latest releases (till 2014) are hybrid, they can also be used for installing Mac OS X to real Mac computers. You can view related pages for details.


Here is the list of most popular iATKOS installers.



Keep in mind that this project is only for testing Mac’s amazing operating systems.
If you enjoy the system, then buy a real Mac.