Wednesday, 06 May 2015 16:41

Alienware 17 with NVIDIA GTX 780M

Mac OS X Yosemite installation on Alienware 17 laptop computer with iATKOS Y

- 4-Core Intel 4th generation (Haswell) Core i7 (4xxxQM) CPU

- Intel HD 4600 + NVIDIA GTX 780M Graphics - Both fully working seperately

>> Alien has the setting to set default graphics manually by bios.

Speedstep, sound, ethernet, wi-fi, multi-display ok

Clover UEFI / Legacy


Optimus disabled by BIOS menu, NVIDIA GTX 780M set as default graphics and working fully

(System Information shows 0MB video memory which is cosmetic):





Intel HD 4600 set as default graphics by BIOS, NDIVIA (optimus) is disabled:


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