If you see this warning message, here are the possible situations and solutions:



- You booted iATKOS SR USB Installer on a different computer.

Solution: iATKOS SR images are unique. Boot it on the computer that it belongs to.


- You made changes on your target hardware, i.e. removed/changed some of your hardware parts (including hdd/ssd drives).

Solution: Revert it back. If you can not revert it back for some reason, then contact us.


- Your USB device and/or restore operation might be faulty.

Solution: Restore again or try another USB device/computer for restore operation.


- Installer might not detect your SATA ports; open Disk Utility to check your disks.

Solution: Set your BIOS properly and if it is still not detected then your SATA ports are incompatible, you might need to add a compatible PCI-E SATA card to install this system.


- Your iATKOS SR dmg image file might be faulty due to a download/disk drive failure.

Solution: Check the md5 of the dmg image file for verification. If it does not match with the one inside md5.txt you have downloaded, contact us.