iATKOS M Mavericks OSX86 Hackintosh Installer Description

iATKOS M - Mavericks 10.9.5 OSX86 Installer

- iATKOS M is the Mavericks version of the OSX86 installer releases of iATKOS team.

The system version of the current revision of iATKOS M is Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.5.

We announced it on 9th of Feb. 2014 and released it on March 2014.

We apply updates and bug fixes to our release from time to time.

Latest revision date is 10.May.2015


The 3 needs to try Mavericks with iATKOS M installer on your computer:


1- Intel based computer with Windows, Linux or Mac OS X >> Intel based computer with compatible parts.

2- USB Flash Stick/HDD >> Minimum 8GB

3- iATKOS M dmg image for your computer that you will need to request from us.



iATKOS M Mavericks OSX86 Hackintosh Installer Basic Information

Basic Information: