iATKOS EC Terms and Conditions


1- OSX86 project is an experimental project to try Apple's Mac OS X on non-Apple computers (our PCs). The aim of iATKOS project is to make the installation process easier and possible for various computers but still, there is no guarantee that it will work on your hardware.


2- Hardware compatibility is the most important part for this project. We do not inspect hardware compatibility or advise hardware parts for some reasons. You will have to make the search. Choosing target hardware is your responsibility. You can view our HCL pageexample installations, visit Wiki HCL pages and other OSX86 platforms for feedbacks.


3- Your release image file will be sent in 24-48 hours as a personal torrent file to your email box only if you followed the 3 steps on the release page correctly. If not, you will get an email for further instructions.


4- 24-48 hours of time period is not a strict rule, it may also take longer due to our works. You will get your image eventually if you applied the 3 steps.


5- Make sure to enter correct information to our request and contact forms for us to reach you. Otherwise we can not communicate and you can not get your iATKOS release.


6- Our servers might not send emails to some addresses. If you do not receive an instant "Request Sent" reply after sending us the Request form, then please use a gmail/yahoo/hotmail email address.


7- Even if it is a more advanced way of OSX86 installation, you might need to read the installation guide to use the release. Every iATKOS release has some options and features specific to the release itself.


8- iATKOS is an operating system installer. Even if you are an advanced computer user, make backup of your valuable data before anything. We are not responsible for your data loss.


9- We are not responsible for any kind of hardware failures. Hardware failures can be faced during bios updating operations, after power interruptions, dsdt modifications and for many other reasons.


10- We do lead and help to our users as we have time. You can contact us by the "Contact us" form.