Here is why you need to support us to get iATKOS M / iATKOS Y / iATKOS EC / iATKOS SR releases:


OSX86 is a collaborative project, so there are many developers working on this project to make it work. We of course give credits, we give support, we do not own any bits of software we did not create.


A simple explanation of what we do is trying to make it easier and comfortable for more range of computer models.

It is not just an installation method, it is the configuration software package that makes it possible which you might not achive by a retail installation easily. For some computers, retail installation even has no chance for success by its nature.

The word "retail" is used to refer original installation. We use original/untouched main systems on our releases and on top of this, our software shapes the installer for the target computer's basic hardware.


It is not only for newbies, it is also comfortable for advanced computer users. Firstly, we made it for ourselves and liked it, then it had gone far.


After some clowns around took the primitive stage of our software and added it to their lunch menu without giving credits, we have decided to close it up (after iATKOS ML2).

There are many people interested in the front-end part of this project resulting with shitty websites including any kind of so called "articles" with no valuable/usable knowledge by using our name just to increase the pageviews of their circus sites. So we keep on closing our software, no more public releases.

We do it, we like it, we spend time on it, we work on it, we have our server running 7/24 for your personal releases, we do help individually for years to over a few 100K people and intend to keep on doing. So we move on with your support. That is simply it.


It is only free for our previous donators whom donated for our public releases (before the date 9th of Feb. 2014).