If you see this warning message, here are the possible situations and solutions:



- You booted iATKOS M USB Installer on a different computer.

Solution: iATKOS M images are unique. Boot it on the computer that it belongs to.


- You made changes on your target hardware, i.e. removed/changed some of your hardware parts (including hdd/ssd drives).

Solution: Revert it back. If you can not revert it back for some reason, then contact us.


- Your USB device and/or restore operation might be faulty.

Solution: Restore again or try another USB device/computer for restore operation.


- Installer might not detect your SATA ports; open Disk Utility to check your disks.

Solution: Set your BIOS properly and if it is still not detected then your SATA ports are incompatible, you might need to add a compatible PCI-E SATA card to install this system.


- Your iATKOS M dmg image file might be faulty due to a download/disk drive failure.

Solution: Check the md5 of the dmg image file for verification. If it does not match with the one inside md5.txt you have downloaded, contact us.

New revision iATKOS SR is ready! System version is 10.12.2 (Build 16C68).

- 10.12.2 revision iATKOS SR images will be sent to new requests from now on.
- Existing iATKOS SR users can request their new revision images by just filling and sending us iATKOS SR request form.

Last few days' requests will be processed tomorrow (GMT0) and they all will be .2 revision. Delay happened due to 10.12.2 revision.



Well, 2016 has not been a light in many aspects, we wish a better one for all.



iATKOS SR now supports installations on password protected disks (a.k.a. macOS FileVault) on both single physical drives and Fusion drives.
Initial FileVault support: @slice, @ath, @download-fritz, @vit9696

All operations are automated as usual. Also, we have added an app for Fusion Drive operations.

Very soon..




We have been occupied with Sierra lately.

There are many issues with it as it is pretty new. USB problems (like 10.11.x), Core2Duo/Quad CPU computer incompatibilities, Broadcom WiFi support etc.. Some of these issues make it impossible to install retail. We are preparing iATKOS SR which includes the solutions for most.

No time frame, no ETA but we are close.


Last few days' requests will be processed very soon, sorry for inconvenience.






Bitcoin amounts updated..

0.02 BTC >> iATKOS EC/Y/M

0.04 BTC >> iATKOS EC/Y/M with priority service


You can buy bitcoins using your Credit/Debit card or bank account easily. Some popular places online:

- Coinbase (USA, Europe, UK)

- Circle (USA)

- SpectroCoin (Almost all regions)

- CEX.IO (Almost all regions)

VirWoX (Almost all regions)




All about Bitcoin >> https://bitcoin.org/


New revision iATKOS EC is ready! System version is 10.11.5 (Build 15F34).

- 10.11.5 revision iATKOS EC images will be sent to new requests from now on.
- Existing iATKOS EC users can request their new revision images by just filling and sending us iATKOS EC request form.

Last few days' requests will be processed tomorrow (GMT0) and they all will be .5 revision. Delay happened due to 10.11.5 revision..

Existing iATKOS EC users with skylake graphics will receive new revision without requesting.



Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.4, improved the support for Skylake Graphics. USB system is more stable and better with .4

>> We will soon release 10.11.4 revision of iATKOS EC.

Here is an example of a skylake desktop computer with Intel HD 530 Graphics:





Apple has released 10.11.3 update. Backup your important data before trying the update.


- To update your existing El Capitan installation to 10.11.3, use App Store to try the update rather than the full 1.47 GB dmg updater. This way, your computer will have more chance to survive after the update :)

>> Good news, iATKOS EC installations on Skylake computers can apply the update (by using App Store as mentioned above).

>> If you used "USB Port Patch A" package during installation, then you may lose some of your USB ports after update. Try re-installing iATKOS EC with "USB Port Patch B" package and then apply the update after installation.

>> Some computers which can not operate without "USB Port Patch A" should not apply the update. We will release 10.11.3 revision of iATKOS EC soon.

>> After updating, do not forget to delete AppleHDA.kext that came with the update.

>> After updating, as usual, NVIDIA Web Driver users will need to update it too.




- 1st priority of our operations is development, as it always had been. Team is trying to give you the best!

- 2nd priority is release requests with priority service and questions/help requests of priority service users.

- The 3rd one is release requests with default service.

- 4th one: Any kind of questions/help requests related to iATKOS M / Y / EC.


Due to our operation algorithm, especially in times of development from time to time, we may delay responding to your requests 2-3 days more except for the priority service. We'll get back to your requests and questions eventually, we do not miss even one of them. This is all for making a better release.