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Please click here for simple and basic knowledge about OSX86 and iATKOS Project.



>> iATKOS Y is our Yosemite (OS X 10.10.5) release. You can request and download it by this page.


>> iATKOS M is our Mavericks (OS X 10.9.5) release. You can request and download it by this page.


iATKOS Yosemite 10.10.5 revision is released.

- Mac OS X 10.10.5 Build 14F27 (Latest Yosemite version)
- Clover UEFI/Legacy bootloader v2.3 r3262
- Chameleon bootloader v2.3 r2757

Click here to request and download the latest revision iATKOS Y.

New revision 10.10.5 images will be sent to new iATKOS Y requests by default.

All of our existing iATKOS Y users can request new 10.10.5 revision for free.


iATKOS Y new revision basic description:

Clover UEFI/Legacy bootloader updated to v2.3k r3252.

Additional improvements for:
- ATI Graphics cards
- Intel Pentium/Celeron G/J series CPUs
- X58/X79/X99 chipset motherboards

Minor improvements for:
- Broadwell Core i/M CPU laptops
- Some problematic
 laptop computers' booting processes which can only boot over USB3
- UEFI laptop booting
- Some other Clover legacy booting problems
- Network devices and some other drivers



We have added RAID Mode support for Intel SATA ports to iATKOS Y.

No need to set "SATA to AHCI mode" anymore, iATKOS Y can now work with both AHCI and RAID modes.

Here is the reason:

Some of (HP and Dell) laptop computers' Intel SATA mode is locked to RAID instead of AHCI. They do not have the setting in their BIOS menu. These computers can not install and run OS X easily. With iATKOS Y, they can.

Some people use Windows (yes they do) with Hardware RAID on Intel SATA ports with this RAID mode. They need to set their SATA back to AHCI mode every time they want/need to boot to OS X or install OS X. With iATKOS Y, they do not need to play with their SATA Mode anymore.



A small application to enable HiDPI on your monitor.

HiDPI is used on Apple's Retina Displays. It is the reason of the smooth view of Mac OS X on retina displays.

You can get it by this link.

Here is the source code.



This example below may shed a bit of light on smooth anti-alising desktop gui:


After our work on our Yosemite release iATKOS Y, we have updated our Mavericks release iATKOS M to version 10.9.5, the latest version.


You can find the short changelogs on previous post below.


By the time being, delays happened on sending your releases and also getting back to your emails from time to time..

Sorry for inconvenience and thank you for your patience..


Last few days' requests will be sent tomorrow..




We have released the new revision of iATKOS Y (10.10.3) and we are making a new revision of iATKOS M which will be OS X 10.9.5.


The new dmg installer images that boot with new system and install new system.


New revision of iATKOS Y includes 10.10.3 (Build 14D131) system. Short changelog:

- New system (From 10.10.1 to 10.10.3)

- Updated bootloaders  > Clover 2.3 r3201, Chameleon 2625

- Improved auto-detection, updated drivers

- New Broadwell CPU and Graphics (Intel HD 6000 series) support

- Some bug fixes > random UEFI boot failure on UEFI machines (no entrance sign), safe mode (-x) boot failures on some machines, safe mode (-x) EFI partition mount, Chameleon boot freezes on some machines, disabled false auto-hibernate, non-ahci sata boot problem etc.


New revision of iATKOS M will include 10.9.5 (Build 13F34) system. Short changelog:

- New system (From 10.9.1 to 10.9.5)

- Updated bootloaders  > Clover 2.3 r3201, Chameleon 2625

- Improved auto-detection and updated drivers

- Some bug fixes > random UEFI boot failure on UEFI machines (no entrance sign), safe mode (-x) EFI partition mount, disabled false auto-hibernate, etc.


Existing iATKOS M and iATKOS Y users can request new revisions of their releases for their target computers they have donated for.


Referring to changelogs and new system/bootloader versions, I recommend the new revisions to all of our users with booting, installation and other system problems.


New revisions of releases will be sent by default to new donators.




8 and 9 series motherboards and hibernation:


Hibernation is a bit different than normal sleep. It is deep sleep which is the power independent sleep. That means even the power is down, your data is safe during deep sleep, just like a shutdown. The need for removing the power cable (ie. moving your desktop to elsewhere) or if the power source is not a UPS, then hibernate would be a secure way of sleep. You like it after you have it.


If you want to try, keep on reading:

>> Only for 8 and 9 series desktop computers.

>> Only for Clover UEFI

>> You should have a proper configured installation for normal sleep (sleep to RAM) if you want to try deep sleep.

-- (Not needed for iATKOS Y / M installations) Mount EFI partition and delete OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi from drivers64UEFI folder, unmount EFI partition and restart your computer.

-- Open Terminal and enter:

sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 29

-- Click "Sleep" by Apple menu.

-- After it is fully down, press Power button.

-- It will start normally and you will see your hibernated volume on Clover boot screen (as in the screenshot)

-- Press enter. It will wake up from deep sleep and you will jump to login screen or to your desktop without Apple boot screen.


>> If fails, it will just go into restart loop. If so you will have to cancel hibernation by pressing space bar, then it will boot normally.

Enter this on Terminal to disable hibernation:

sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0





>> For any kind of OSX86 computer with successful normal sleep:

If your computer goes into reboot loops after hours of normal sleep, cancel hibernate boot by clover space bar menu and apply this line below after normal system boot. This diables auto-hibernate after long sleep hours.

-- Open Terminal and enter:

sudo pmset -a standby 0

 (This is applied on iATKOS M and iATKOS Y installations for our users not to lose data.)


Here is why you need to support us to get iATKOS M / iATKOS Y releases:


OSX86 is a collaborative project, so there are many developers working on this project to make it work. We of course give credits, we give support, we do not own any bits of software we did not create.


A simple explanation of what we do is trying to make it easier and comfortable for more range of computer models.

It is not just an installation method, it is the configuration software package that makes it possible which you might not achive by a retail installation easily. For some computers, retail installation even has no chance for success by its nature.

The word "retail" is used to refer original installation. We use original/untouched main systems on our releases and on top of this, our software shapes the installer for the target computer's basic hardware.


It is not only for newbies, it is also comfortable for advanced computer users. Firstly, we made it for ourselves and liked it, then it has gone far.


After some clowns around took the primitive stage of our software and added it to their lunch menu without giving credits, we have decided to close it up (after iATKOS ML2).

There are many people interested in the front-end part of this project resulting with shitty websites including any kind of so called "articles" with no valuable/usable knowledge by using our name just to increase the pageviews of their circus sites. So we keep on closing our software, no more public releases.

We do it, we like it, we spend time on it, we work on it, we have our server running 7/24 for your personal releases, we do help individually for years to over a few 100K people and intend to keep on doing. So we move on with your support. That is simply it.


It is only free for our previous donators whom donated for our public releases (before the date 9th of Feb. 2014).




We are happy to announce the ETA!

iATKOS Y will be released in 7 days..

The booked ones will be ready just before the release time.